Frequently Asked Questions

Tree stumps can sprout new growth, which turn into trees on top of the stump. New root systems grow around the old causing the base of the stump to "grow", or widen. Wider stumps cost more to remove.

In most cases, it is unlikely a tree stump or 3 will decrease the value of your home. However, potential buyers will focus on these stumps regardless of what the rest of your proerty looks like. Tree stumps are a deterent in most buyers' eyes.

In this day and age, far too many people look for a reason to file a claim with an insurance company. Tree stumps are tripping hazards, as well as a hazard to mowing equipment and the people operating them. Tree stumps are, in fact, a liability.

We offer Free Estimates and Quantity Discounts. Tree stumps 20" or less are $50. Tree Stumps 21" - 40" are $2.50/inch. Tree stumps greater than 40" please call for an estimate. We do have a $50 minimum on all service calls for single family homes, and a $75 minimum for all service calls for townhomes.